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11th Grade Junior English Research Project: Finding a Book

JRP Ideas - Print Books in the Keefe Library

Search Our Catalog



Searching for a book in the Keefe Library (3 min. 45 sec.)

Checking for Literary Criticism (4 mins. 21 sec.) 

eBook Collections



Collections of ebooks to search. Keep in mind:

  • Each of these libraries has different titles;
  • Check each one for the book you want;
  • Some collections permit an unlimited number of users (Teen BookCloud, Hoopla, SORA) and others only allow one user per title (Libby/Overdrive);
  • Login is different for each collection because we get access from different places (BPL, BPS or Keefe Library).

Ask for help if you need it!


Username: bostonl

password: login

How to use SORA 

(Login via Clever)

Boston Public Library App: BPL To Go

How to use BPL to go

(Requires a BPL card & PIN)

How to use Hoopla

(Requires a BPL card & PIN)

How to use Libby/Overdrive

(Requires a BPL card & PIN)



Read reviews of your book from regular people!

Still Need Help?

BLS Juniors - We are planning on BLS curbside pickup if you want to borrow a book from the Keefe Library. Fill out this form if you are interested: Curbside Book Pickup Form.

Send the librarians an email!

Ms. Ellis:

Ms. Harari:

Ms. Magner:


Set up an office hours appointment!

Email us that you want to come to office hours and we'll give you a specific time slot to come. To best help, provide a short description of what type of help you need (research, resource, citation, book recommendation, etc.). If related to a school assignment, include that information, too.