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Economic Inequality in Boston - 10th Grade: Background Information

Resources for research, readings, data, newspapers, and community resources in Boston.

Resilient Boston: An Equitable and Connected City

Comprehensive report responding to differing experiences of  Boston citizens in terms of economic opportunities, race, health, education, neighborhoods.

Resilient Boston: An Equitable and Connected City., 2015.  

Income Inequality in Boston Report

Federal Reserve Boston


  WATCH from 4:00 minute mark through 5:35 minutes.
Chakrabarti, Prabal. "CityLine: Wealth Creation and the Federal Reserve Bank of
     Boston." Interview by Karen Holmes Ward. WCBV ABC, Hearst Television, 19
     July 2018
"Roundtable discuss wealth inequity in Boston: On the Record." On the Record, 12
     Aug. 2018. WCVB 5 ABC, Hearst Television.