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Grade 7 Science Project: Source Evaluation - Science

Have You Met the Standard?

Evaluates information to determine accuracy, currency and relevance for answering questions (Grade 9-12)

  • Evaluates information from a variety of sources for accuracy, appropriateness, validity and comprehensiveness
  • Extends search beyond readily available sources to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness

Evaluate information for fact, opinion, point of view, and bias (Grade 9--12)

  • Recognizes degrees of bias (from slightly slanted point of view to heavily slanted progaganda).
  • Pursues a balanced perspective of fact, opinion, and different points of view.

(From "Standard 1: Using Inquiry to Build Understanding and Create New Knowledge." Empire State Information Fluency Continuum (Developed by the New York City School Library System), 2014.

Content Farms

What is a Content Farm?

CRAAP Test (Modified)