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World History: History of Enslavement

Resources for Ancient and Modern World History

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Biography In Context 
Biography in Context (Gale)
 World History in Context provides a range of magazine, newspaper, journal articles and book chapters from a variety of publications.

Primary and Secondary Digital Resources

Primary Sources    


Chronicling America’s Libraries



Songs Related to Abolition from the Library of Congress 

Sounds of Slavery - Songs from Internet Archive


Images from the Library of Congress:

Voices of enslaved people:

More visual resources:

Secondary Sources    
New World Labor Systems - African Passage from Low Country Digital Library

“The Age of Abolition” - Biographical information about Abolitionists

Series of Videos on the Abolitionist Movement (PBS)

UNESCO - Africans Participation in the Slave Trade 

Videos on Slavery Resistance from PBS

General Overview Articles


General Overview Articles (cont.)

From the Annenburg Foundation: