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Harry V. Keefe Library, Boston Latin School: Keefe Home

Welcome to the Keefe Library at Boston Latin School!

Welcome to the Keefe Library! Come down and find something great to read.

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Looking for what to read next?

Wolfpack Reads! 

Our mission:  Wolfpack Reads: by Keefe Library praefects, for all. We hope to foster the love of reading and promote the Keefe Library's hidden secrets by creating a portfolio of student-curated book reviews. From cookbooks to emotional thrillers, all types of books can be found here! 

Outside of a Dog

Ms. Harari's book blog on new young adult (fiction and nonfiction) and graphic novels.


Latest from the Keefe Library

Study hall

The Keefe Library is open to study hall students during R1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7. Space is limited so prior sign-up is required. Students new to BLS will need to create an account on Oculus (look for the link on SIS). After requesting an account, check your email SPAM folder (under More in your BPS gmail) to retrieve your activation code. More information about using the Keefe Library space and resources can be found in the student handbook. The Keefe Library will open to regular study hall students in grades V-I on (date tbd).

  • Students in Class I-V may come to the library for study hall and sit where they like. Visit SIS and click on the link for Oculus. Attendance will be shared with study hall teachers. Check in at the purple circulation desk.
  • Students in Class VI may begin coming to the library for study hall on Monday, October 17 (after the first progress reports go home). They must sit in the 7th grade area. All new Class VI students will need to visit SIS and click on the link Oculus Account Creation. Check in at the purple desk.

Before and after school

The Keefe Library is open and staffed by one of our two librarians every day from 7:25am - 4:00 pm. Students can always stop in (with a pass from a staff member) to check out or borrow books or to print. The library will open for after school hours beginning on (TBD). Once we are open after school, all students may sign up (including members of Class VI).

  • Before school All students may stop by the library before homeroom to ask questions, pick up or drop off books, borrow a Chromebook, or print.
  • After school After school attendance is capped at 100 students. We ask that students show consideration and respect for others, coming to the library after school to use the space and resources wisely. Visit SIS and click on the link for Keefe After School hours to sign up for a spot. Check in at the purple desk when you arrive.

Game Day

Games Day is back! Join the Card and Board Game Club and Keefe Library praefects for an afternoon of play every Friday after school in the library's Electronic Classroom.

  • Bring your own or play some of ours!
  • Come with a friend or come on your own and make new ones.
  • You don't need to sign up -- just come.

Your Librarians

Contact your librarians for help with resources, library cards, questions!


Deeth Ellis         


Susan Harari  


Email us with questions or to set up IRL or virtual meetings!

Ms. Ellis at

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