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21st Century Information Literacy & Inquiry: Scope & Sequence: Standard 1: Inquiry

Based on the New York City School Library System, Empire State Information Fluency Continuum. Licensed under Creative Commons.

The Stripling Cycle of Inquiry and Learning


In the Connect Phase, a student may ask:

  • What interests me about this idea or topic?

  • What do I already know or think I know about this topic?

  • What background information would help me get an overview of my topic?

  • Do I know enough about the idea or topic to ask good questions?

  • Am I interested enough in the idea or topic to investigate it? 


In the Investigate Phase, a student may ask:

  • What are all of the sources that might be used?

  • Which sources will be most useful and valuable?

  • How do I locate these sources?

  • How do I find the information within each source?

  • How do I evaluate the information that I find?

  • Have I located sources with diverse perspectives?

  • Have I found enough accurate information to answer all my questions?

  • Have I discovered information gaps and filled them with more research?

  • Have I begun to identify relationships and patterns and thoughtfully reacted to the information I found? 


In the Express Phase, a student may ask:

  • What type of product or presentation will allow me to present my conclusions and evidence effectively to the intended audience?

  • What technology will help me create a product or presentation?

  • How will I get help to revise and edit my product?

  • Have I organized the product/presentation to make my major points and present convincing evidence?

  • Does my product/presentation fulfill all the requirements of the assignment? 

Priority Benchmark Skills and Assessments by Grade Level

From Empire State Information Skills Benchmarks: Information Fluency: Priority Benchmark Skills and Assessements. Licensed under Common Core.

Standard 1 Inquiry:  Benchmark Skills and Assessments by Grade Level


In the Wonder Phase, a student may ask:
    • What intriguing questions do I have about the topic or idea?

    • Why am I doing this research?

    • What do I expect to find?
    • Can my question(s) be answered through investigation?
    • Will my question(s) lead me to answers that will fulfill my assignment or purpose for research? 


In the Construct Phase, a student may ask:
    • Have any main ideas emerged from the research?

    • Did I find enough evidence to form an opinion or support my thesis?

    • What organizational patterns or tools will help me make sense of my information?

    • Have I drawn conclusions that are supported by the evidence?

    • Have I organized my conclusions and evidence to present them effectively? 


In the Reflect Phase, a student may ask:
    • Is my product/presentation as effective as I can make it?

    • How well did my inquiry process go?

    • How can I get feedback on my final product to use in my next inquiry project?

    • What new understandings did I develop about the topic or idea?

    • What did I learn about inquiry?

    • What new questions do I now want to answer about the topic or idea?