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Collecting background information: Home

Before you start

Start with keywords. Search these databases and resources for background information on Boston and surrounding areas, politics, science, social or economic issues, technology, arts and culture.

The Boston Globe and New York Times


Full text of The Boston Globe 1980-present

Unlimited Full Digital edition, SCHOOL ACCESS ONLY  (courtesy of Verizon)

Full-text articles from The New York Times 1985 to present (available at home & school)

Boston Herald Newspaper

Boston Herald (From Nov. 24, 2003 – present) (Requires BPL Card)

Color full-page and article reproductions via PressReader, updated daily.

Research Issues

Investigate Issues

Global Issues with magazine, journal and book articles on global issues and topics.
Opposing Viewpoints provides essays, arguments and viewpoints on various sides of controversial topics.

Local News

Boston Area & Neighborhood News

(Note: Sometimes the print editions available in your neighborhoods are MORE up-to-date then online.)



Neighborhood papers