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Resources for declamation. Includes links to archived declamation performances, sources for material.


Prize Declamation


Prize ddeclamation participants, 2022

Prize declamation participants, 2022

Class declamation

Students in grades 7-10 are typically required to declaim a selection in their English classes three times during the academic calendar. Students’ class performances are graded on accuracy, interpretation, and oratorical skill. Declamation grades appear on the report cad as a separate column designated as “visual/performing arts,” although they are not factored into a student’s GPA. 

  • Students have additional opportunities to declaim in many modern foreign languages and classics courses.
  • Students cannot repeat a text at any point in their BLS careers for class declamation.
  • Students can view these class declamations as practice and consider using one of these pieces as try-out material for Public Declamation.