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Resources for declamation. Includes links to archived declamation performances, sources for material.

Public Declamation schedule

2022-23 dates

First Public Declamation -- Class VI audience 

  • Interest form due Tuesday, 10/11/22
  • Tryouts Thursday, 10/13/222:30 in BLS auditorium
  • Declamation Thursday, 10/27/22, R1-R2

Second Public Declamation -- Class IV audience

  • Interest form due Tuesday, 12/06/22
  • Tryouts Thursday, 12/8/22, 2:30 in BLS auditorium
  • Declamation Tuesday, 12/20/22, R1-R2

Third Public Declamation -- Class V audience 

  • Interest form due Tuesday, 1/24/23
  • Tryouts Thursday, 1/26/23, 2:30 in BLS auditorium
  • Declamation Thursday, 2/02/23, R1-R2

Fourth Public Declamation -- Class III audience

  • Interest form due Tuesday, 3/14/23
  • Tryouts Thursday, 3/16/23, 2:30 in BLS auditorium
  • Declamation Thursday, 3/30/23, R1-R2

Prize Declamation -- Class I & II, alumni ​​​

  • Friday, 05/05/23


For the 2022-23 academic year, the following staff members coordinate Public and Prize Declamation. Please reach out with any questions:

FAQs for Public Declamation

  • What's the difference between classroom, Public, and Prize Declamation?
    • Classroom declamation is required several times a year in ELA and English classes in grades 7-10. Students may also be asked to declaim in Latin, History, or World Language classes.
    • Students may choose to try out for Public Declamation 4 times a year. 10-12 competitors are chosen after try-outs and present in the auditorium in front of their peers.
    • The top students in Public Declamation appear in Prize Declamation during alumni weekend in May each year, competing for honors and scholarships.
  • Why do students choose to participate in Public Declamation?
    • They love public speaking and want to improve
    • They relish using the platform to introduce important issues and share works of literature with their community
    • They enjoy the competition and comradeship of Declamation
    • They want to win honors and scholarship prizes. 
  • What are the criteria for an excellent and acceptable piece for Public Declamation?
    • You should review the criteria for Public Declamation before selecting a piece
    • Teachers may have their own criteria for classroom declamation; please read through the Public Declamation criteria to make sure your piece is acceptable.
  • How do I try out for Public Declamation?
    • Memorize and practice between 30 and 90 seconds of your piece.
    • Watch for announcements in the Daily Bulletin and submit the required Googleform. On the day of tryouts, come to the auditorium at 2:30 and sign up on the tryout list.
    • You do not need to dress up or prepare your introduction to try out for Public Declamation
  • If I am selected, what should I include in my Public Declamation introduction?
    • The name of your piece, the author, when it first appeared
    • Background information so your audience can have some context for the piece
    • The maximum length for the introduction is 1 minute.
  • How can I become a candidate for Prize Declamation? 
    • You must participate in at least 3 Public Declamations during the school year.

Dressing for Declamation