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Summer Reading 2022

Summer reading for Boston Latin School students.

Facing History Summer Reading

Summer reading list for Facing History 2022-2023

Facing History list of books with descriptions

Message from Ms. Freeman

One thing has become clear every year in Facing History: there is no way that we could possibly cover all the topics that are relevant to this class.   One way to go beyond what we can possibly do within a school year is to delve into some of those topics outside of conventional school time.

 Knowing that you elected to take this class, I recognize that you are interested in some/all of the topics we will explore next year.   So I hope that asking you to select and read one book for this course—out of the choices below—will give you plenty of choices and will enable you to go into depth on a topic associated with one of these book options.

You are required to read ONE of the following books as part of your summer reading.  You must choose only one (1) book from the list of books listed below.   (And please do keep up with the news/current events this summer via whatever your preferred source of news is.)

You must complete this summer reading either before beginning Facing History in the fall (ideally—and before you are caught up in the chaos of the school year) or by no later than Friday, September 30 (absolutely).   There will be an assignment related to your summer reading that will be distributed early next September.

We have copies of some, though not all, of these books in the BLS Keefe Library and Media Center collection.   You may want to reach out to the librarians after checking online, to pick up a book you might want to borrow.   

I’ve noted below each entry whether digital versions of each volume are available and where (as of 2022).   Note the references to availability through the Boston Public Library (abbreviated throughout as BPL); you all have borrowing privileges there.   Other books are available through the Internet Archive.   Some are available through Hoopla and others are available through RB Digital Audiobook.    The best way to access all of these platforms is to start here:

I may have scans or extra copies of several of these books; if you get “stuck” and are unable to secure a copy through the means listed below or via an online bookstore, please let me know ASAP, as I would be happy to help.   I do not want there to be any obstacle to your reading the book of your choice.  

So bottom line: choose your book early this summer so that you are sure that you are reading the book you truly want to read. 

Facing History list of books with descriptions