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Movies: Getting started

Assignment support


Storyboard graphic organizer




Film story arc

Finding images and music


Remember to cite images and music!

Look for images in the Keefe's online databases. Easy to cite!

  • ARKive Photographs of animals and habitats
  • Creative Commons Search for images and music. Once you find what you want, check individual work's permissions. Of special interest -- flickr -- high quality, easy to download.
    • uncheck use for commercial purposes
    • check modify, adapt, or build upon.
  • Getty Museum Open content images of paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc. 
  • NASA Images For outer space, astronauts, space travel.
  • NYPL Digital Collection Great images of the ancient world, historical photographs, artwork, etc,
  • Open Clipart Drawings for you to reuse. Some old-fashioned, some new.
  • Pexels A share alike site for photographers. Remember to cite the image.