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Harry V. Keefe Library, Boston Latin School: Printing

Welcome to the Keefe Library at Boston Latin School!

PaperCut in the Keefe Library



Introducing PaperCut in the Keefe Library

In an effort to streamline printing in the library and be more green in our printing practices, we have implemented a new printing tool and process, PaperCut. Students are now able to print from their Chromebooks or phones

What you need to know:

  • Once you submit your print job, you have four hours to pick the job up from one of the printers or it will have to be resubmitted for printing again.
  • There is a 15 page limit to each print job
  • You can make up to 5 copies of a print job. If you need more than 5 copies, please use the photocopier.
  • Please see a librarian or technology department staff member if you need any assistance. 


Printing from a Chrome Device

Printing from a Chrome device in the Keefe Library

  1. Log into the device with their BPS email and password.
  2.  Open the document, file, or webpage to be printed and press ctrl + P to open the print dialogue box.
  3. When choosing the destination to print, select Student_Printing. (You may need to click   “see more…” in order to find the correct printer)
  4. Click Print
  5. If prompted to sign in to print, click “Sign in with Google” to submit your job to print.
  6. Go to any printer in the library and enter your ID number followed by the enter key on the keypad next to the printer. Your queued print job(s) will then be printed at that printer.

Printing with PaperCut from Your Own Device

Print From Your Own Device

Click the links below that corresponds to your device to learn how to configure it print in the library.






Chrome OS