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MASTER Guide: iMovie

This contains all boxes that are re-used or linked to from various libguides.

Importing Video into iMovie

Courtesy of Ana Marie Gach

How-To Videos for iMovie

Basic  Introduction to iMovie 10

Courtesy of Michael Francis

Using Green Screen Footage in iMovie

Courtesy of Michael Francis

More Resources on iMovie

More Videos from :

  • Adding Voice Overs
  • Creating Movie Trailers
  • Importing from YouTube

Instructions from Apple on using iMovie 10:

Find Audio and Video

The following websites offer many videos and/or audio files that are availalbe to use. Search by genre, mood, instrument, etc. Download and use in iMovie. Many allow you to search for Creative Commons material. 

Audio Library 




NASA Video Library


Vimeo Music

Vimeo Video

Vimeo Create Commons Videos


Beachfront B-Roll