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Toxins Project

Resources for teachers leading the Toxins Project


The Toxins Project explores the real-world impacts of environmental toxins, driven by student decision-making, collaboration, and guided inquiry. Over the several weeks of the project, the sequence of lessons and activities aligns with the Guided Inquiry framework - a framework that is invisible to students, but useful for teacher planning. Using this framework, these pages suggest different sets of resources for teachers to use at each stage of the project.

Prior to project launch

Start of project - Heavy teacher guidance

Remainder of project - Light teacher guidance

Immerse: media for all students to watch, hear, or read. Open: resources to grab all students' attention. Gather: resources for finding articles and information.
  Explore: resources for pursuing curiosity and broadening student views on a topic. Create: resources for creating final products for the project.
  Identify: tools for discovering interests and determining the focus of a project. Share, Evaluate... final steps, TBD.