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Toxins Project

Resources for teachers leading the Toxins Project

Resources for pursuing curiosity and broadening student views on a topic


Keefe Databases Browse, skim, and scan through articles in Gale databases. Watch Ms. Ellis's Screencastify video on tips for browsing.
Science in Context provides a range of  current magazine, newspaper, journal articles and book chapters from a variety of scientific publications.
Global Issues with magazine, journal and book articles on global issues and topics.
Opposing Viewpoints provides essays, arguments and viewpoints on various sides of controversial topics.



The following website resources are on-ramps for students to pursue or discover their interests in toxins.

  • Play with interactive articles 
  • Be pulled into a series of investigative journalism articles
  • Explore topics by industry on government and nonprofit organization websites
  • Search or browse for topics of interest in a database


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- Investigative journalism

undefined - Fact sheets

undefined - Data Visualizations

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Icons by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project

undefined Interactive articles and information
undefined Investigative journalism
undefined Databases & undefined Data Visualizations

Browse information on toxins using data interactive tools

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)

Explore a Topic