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7th Grade Science Project

Guided Inquiry model resources to support independent learning.

Evaluating information

  • Using databases (6 min. 2 sec.) Watch this video to learn how to filter results to save time and get the most useful resources for your project.
  • CRAAP test (3 min. 9 sec) Watch this video to learn the different criteria for telling if a source is useful or not. 


Gale Database

Find background information, news, magazine and journal articles in all areas of science.

Culinary Arts Database (Gale)

Useful websites

Website evaluation -- apply the CRAAP test! Here are some examples of websites that might prove useful for the 7th grade science project. Many others will also be helpful. Remember, it's up to you as the researcher to make the call, looking carefully at the source's currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and its purpose.

Kinds of websites Biology Space Chemistry Earth Science Physics Psychology
Government (federal, state, local) CDC Cen. for Disease Control NASA Air Pollution Control Commission (Boston) Boston Water and Sewer NIST Nat'l. Inst. of Standards and Tech. NIMH Nat'l. Inst. of Mental Health
University or college-related Cornell Lab of Ornithology McAuliffe Center (Framingham State) MIT Blossoms Chemistry videos Center for Agriculture, Food & Environment (UMass) MIT Blossoms Physics videos ePsych Mississippi State Univ.
Nonprofit organizations

Rodale Inst. Organic farming

Monell Center for Taste & Smell

Sky & Telescope magazine Clean Water Action Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst. Nat'l. Assoc. of Rocketry ChildMind Inst.
Professional organizations Soil Science Soc. of Amer. Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Amer. Chem. Society Amer. Meteorologist Soc. Soc. of Plastics Engineers APA Amer. Psychological Assoc.

Burpee Seeds

Get Body Smart

Sciworthy magazine

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Reynolds Kitchens Foil


Octaform Earthquake resistance Zeiss Vision Psychology Today magazine