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Movies: How to...


9 (Short) storytelling tips

Buddha Jones co-founder John Long discusses mini-storytelling principles and the art of modern trailer making. Includes film clips!

NYT: Anatomy of a scene

Film directors walk viewers through one scene of their movies, showing the magic, motives and the mistakes from behind the camera. 

Click here to visit site:

Anatomy of a Scene

Film Riot: Camera techniques

Film Riot: How to manipulate people with music

Film Riot: Storyboarding!

iMovie support

Visit the Keefe Library iMovie page for videos on:

  • how to import footage into iMovie
  • iMovie basics
  • creating a green/bluescreen effect
  • adding voiceovers

Tips and tricks for moviemaking

Tips and tricks for successful movie making 

  • Tips on storyboarding, equipment, filming and editing.

Greenscreen and special effects how-tos